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2022 Nissan Ariya vs. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E

It used to be that electric SUVs were once a scarce commodity with only one option for many drivers. Today, it feels like every major automaker is dropping an electric SUV. And it’s time we put two of the most popular electric SUVs to the test and see who comes out on top, the Nissan Ariya and the Ford Mustang Mach E. Which one is more fun to drive? Which one packs a better punch? Let’s take a look for ourselves!

* 2023 Ariya Vs. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E *

While they appear to have similar features, these two electric SUVs, when you take the time to stack them up against one another, they aren’t exactly equals. There will be certain things that come close to matching up, while others will be blown out of the water. Today, we will walk you through a complete comparison of these two E-SUVs so that you can make the right decision for your driving needs. And when the Nissan Ariya comes out as the clear winner, be sure to come down and visit our showroom at Maus Nissan New Port Richey to give one a test drive!

Let’s get on with the battle:

* Range *

Both of these electric SUVs have a solid range capability, but the Ariya is a clear-cut winner here. Because even with the long-range Mustang Mach E that comes at a pretty penny, it gets 300 miles of range on a single charge. The base Mach E only has a 230-mile range, while the base model single motor option on the Ariya packs a whopping 300-mile range on a single charge!

With the Ariya, there is a dual-motor option that will get 265-miles of range but comes with some incredible performance specs.

* Performance *

If you’re looking for some zip along the roads of New Port Richey, the Ariya dual-motor trim will blow your socks off with its 389-horsepower that’s all torque from the word go! While the Mach E is quick and powerful, so the standard model comes with 459-horsepower. After all, the Mustang is built to be a muscle car, even the electric version. But to reach that number, you have to buy a premium upgrade package.

Even though Mach E wins the horsepower competition, the Ariya is still the winner because it offers all its horsepower without losing a mile of range. In contrast, every trim level in the Mach E comes to a lower range on a single charge.

* Safety And Technology *

Nissan packs all the power of their state-of-the-art driver assistance and safety features that come in the Nissan ProPilot assist safety suite inside the Ariya. And when you couple that with its semi-autonomous driving features, it can’t be beaten. For the Mach E, Ford packs similar features for driver safety, but for the more high-tech features and the semi-autonomous driving features, you have to pay for a subscription service to utilize them.

There’s really only one clear winner here, and that’s the Nissan because you get all the features you want without having to buy a subscription just to use them.

* Bottom Line *

Both of these electric SUVs have their strengths, but the Ariya is the clear-cut choice for SUV lovers looking to save money on gas while having the power of an all-torque EV at their fingertips while driving.

A quick recap of how the Ariya beats the Mach E in many ways, including:

Driver safety technology.

Standard range.

Precision handling and performance without the price tag.

A smooth ride.

No subscription for technology and features.

Yes, the Mach E can’t be beaten when it comes to horsepower, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fall short in these other areas.

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