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It’s time to put two popular SUVs into a head-to-head battle to settle the score. Though alike in many ways, and different in many, the Nissan Pathfinder and Ford Explorer are standouts in the SUV market. Whether you are hauling friends and family, or cargo, both SUVs offer durability, modern styles, and advanced features, but which is better? Let’s see!

* 2022 Pathfinder Vs. 2022 Ford Explorer *

Despite some similar features, when you compare the two SUVs, there are specific areas that distinguish them from one another. Certain specs may come close, while others are beaten outright. We will take you through a full comparison so you can make the best decision for your needs, and when the Nissan Pathfinder is victorious, come visit our showroom at Maus Nissan New Port Richey to give one a test drive!

Let’s dive into the comparison:

* Interior *

Both SUVs have available captain’s chairs, but if you select them on the 2022 Explorer, this will limit you to six passengers, while the Pathfinder can accommodate seven. What’s most notable though, is that the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder offers sound deadening throughout the cabin, allowing for a quiet and calm experience inside, more so than in the Explorer.

Both SUVs offer three-zone automatic climate control as a standard feature, available leather upholstery, and available front seat heating and cooling as well. They are more affordable to include on the Pathfinder though.

* Seating and Cargo *

If you have a large family or a lot of cargo to haul, a three-row SUV is an attractive vehicle. Both offer seating for seven or eight, and if you don’t need that much passenger space, you can fold the seats down for ample cargo space.

* Performance *

For those who are in the market for a sports car/SUV, the 2022 Ford Explorer will edge the 2022 Pathfinder out of the competition due to its 400-horsepower engine. But if you want a daily driver with great off-road capabilities, the 2022 Pathfinder takes the lead with a smoother ride, quieter interior, and better all-terrain abilities.

Though the Explorer’s horsepower may beat the Pathfinder, the Pathfinder wins in the battle for towing capacity. With a towing rating of up to 6,000 lbs., the Pathfinder beats the 5,600 lbs. That the Explorer offers. When it comes to towing assist technology, both offer an all-around camera system monitor as well as Trailer Sway Control.

* All-Terrain Capabilities *

While the 2022 Explorer offers 4WD, the one found on the 2022 Pathfinder is one of the most rugged and advanced 4WD options that you can get. Both vehicles have seven drive modes, with three designed for off-road terrain. On the Pathfinder, these drive modes include Snow, Sand, and Mud/Rut. On the Explorer, these drive modes are Deep Snow/Sand, Slippery, and Trail. Essentially, the Pathfinder’s drive modes take a more specialized approach to off-terrain exploring.

The caveat? The terrain modes are an optional feature on the 2022 Explorer, while they come standard on the 2022 Pathfinder. The 2022 Explorer also only offers Hill Descent Control while the Pathfinder offers Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control for climbing and descending steep grades.

If all-terrain exploring is your thing, the Pathfinder is easily the best choice!

* Safety and Tech *

Next, it’s time for a tech and safety showdown. First up are the screens. Both SUVs offer digital instrument displays, but the 2022 Pathfinder comes with a 12.3-inch screen while the one in the Explorer is 6.5 inches. The Pathfinder also offers an available heads-up display; the Explorer does not.

For infotainment, both vehicles come standard with an 8-inch touchscreen as well as Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless smartphone charging. For navigation, Nissan’s Door to Door Navigation wins with a precise and intelligent display.

Next, the Nissan Pathfinder beats the Explorer with its safety features. The Nissan Safety Shield 360 system comes standard with six driver assistance features, while the Explorer only offers five. The Pathfinder also offers more available safety features like adaptive cruise control made available with Nissan’s ProPilot Assist. All said, if you are concerned about safety and technology, the Pathfinder is the way to go.

* Bottom Line *

While each of these SUVs has its unique strengths, the Pathfinder is the choice for rugged weekend adventures and quite daily driving.

To recap, it beats the Explorer in many areas including:

● Towing capabilities.

● The number of seats.

● Modern interior and exterior design

● High-quality interior materials.

● Interior sound deadening.

● A smooth ride.

● Front head and legroom.

● Standard features for the price.

● Standard off-road abilities and features.

● Standard driver assists.

● Unique technology.

Though the Explorer may beat the Pathfinder with its horsepower, it falls short in many areas. * *

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