At Maus Family Automotive, our priority is to serve our customers not direct them down a one-size-fits-all path, that may leave you and your vehicle in vulnerable circumstances.

Our team of experienced and trained Finance and Insurance Managers are available 7 days a week to assist you in customizing an extended protection package to fit the needs of your vehicle for the life of your ownership.

Protecting your vehicle with the right coverage is essential for protecting your financial investment. After all, your smart phone is covered, isn't it? Your home is insured? Why not protect your vehicle as well; it is the second largest investment the average consumer will make. Technology in vehicles these days seems to never stop... Imagine how much is in your cell phone; everything that makes all of those apps possible.. Unfortunately, imagine your phone times 10,000 and that is now the computer that controls your entire engine, transmission, and all electrical components. 

There are so many great vehicles on the market today that offer phenomenal technology and great manufacturer warranties; truth is, there isn't a bad car on the market. What most consumers don't know is that the manufacturer warranty is designed to protect the maker, not the consumer. 

coverage, only covers you in the event that the malfunction of technology or break down of mechanical parts is due to a defect upon the installation or build of the vehicle; not against wear and tear. That's why you'll often see the words limited or exclusions on all descriptions for these warranties. 

But don't worry.. 
That's where we come in..

You Have Options To Defend Against Wear & Tear

The average car has 1 mile of wiring (over 1500 separate wires) and up to 30,000 different parts. A simple screw after several years can cause mechanical breakdown, leaving you with the headache and the bill.


It's no surprise that most major repairs are needed after the original factory warranty has expired, which means you will have to deal with all the inconvenience, time and expenses.  Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, extended service contracts are available to cover your vehicle.  Vehicle extended service contracts can cover from the minimum of power-train and base components to platinum benefits covering your engine, transmission, drive-train, electrical and mechanical parts. 


Tire and wheel packages or otherwise known as "road hazard" packages are available to protect your time and money by providing coverage to replace damaged tires or wheels in the event the wheel is structurally compromised, tire is not holding air, or the wheel can not be balanced. Cosmetic coverage on repairs or damage is also available. 


Pre-paid maintenance plans are available to financially structure your vehicles long-term expenses in regards to manufacturer schedule maintenance.. No longer do you have to worry about paying out of pocket for tune-ups, multi-point inspections, or brakes.


Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP insurance, protects the borrower if the car is totaled by paying the remaining difference between what is owed on your vehicle to the financing company and what the actual cash value of the vehicle is, in the event the vehicle is totaled. If you do not have GAP insurance and the loan is not sufficed upon payout of the insurance company; you must continue making payments, if you do not, the loan can be charged off and reflect a repossession. In the end, with out GAP insurance, you could be left without a vehicle and a car loan you are still making payments towards.. putting you in a situation where you may not be able to secure a new vehicle. 


When leasing a vehicle, you have keep the vehicle in phenomenal shape.. the manufacturer doesn't accept understandable and accidental door dings, interior stains from coffee spills, or paint damage from pesky bugs. Lease Wear & Tear is available so you do not have to worry about the unexpected and may waive repairs to items such as tire replacement, paint chips, dings, dents, glass and wheel damage, upholstery, bed liners, mirrors, molding, belts, hoses, and so much more... 


Theft recovery systems in the form of tracking devices are available for installation on your vehicle in the event the vehicle is lost or stolen. These devices are hidden within your engine and are not noticeable by the naked eye.


Do you have a teenager? Have you ever wondered how they drive without you in the vehicle? Tracking systems are available for you to have purchased and installed within your engine, that cannot be removed without the assistance of a trained technician. These devices can provide you with location history, speed alerts, boundary alerts, and alert you of a low battery in the vehicle. 


With MausCare, we provide you with a year of complementary ID theft protection against the dark web and identity theft. We give you the option to upgrade those services for up to 7 years to not just protect you, but your entire family including spouses, children and elderly parents in assisted living facilities as well as up to 1 year after the death of a loved one. ID Theft protection not only wards against the evil in the information technology era, but restores your credit and provides the back up for when you need it. 


Lets' face it, we spend more time inside our cars than under the hood; your interior is prone and vulnerable to wear and tear as well. With interior protection packages, you can rest assured knowing that coverage is available to repair and restore your vehicles interior from rips, stains, wear and tears. 


Hail storm get you? Or how about the most common... someone parked too close to your brand new vehicle in a parking lot and dinged your door with theirs. Yes, you will immediately be upset.. but you now see that ding in your precious investment every time you enter your vehicle. Say goodbye to dings and dents with paintless dent removal. 


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