Brake Troubles?

Maintain Your Vehicle Safety with Maus Nissan in New Port Richey, FL

While you may take things like brakes for granted, we don't. Your vehicles braking system is a vital part of your safety, they are what is responsible for bringing thousands of pounds of metal to a complete stop at highway speeds, saving lives every day. Maus Nissan offers speedy brake sevices that will get you and your vehicle back on the road in no time. Visit any of our 3 great Maus Nissan locations today as a walk-in, or schedule an appointment, so you can rest assured you are in a safe vehicle.
Common Brake Problems and Symptoms

Grinding indicates your brake pads are extremely worn down and dangerous. If you hear grinding or scrubbing when applying the brake pedal, bring your vehicle in to service immediately. Worn brake pads are not only inefficient at bringing your vehicle to a stop, but that can damage your brake rotors as well, a costly expense. If left unchecked, you can damage even the brake caliper, resulting in complete failure, expensive repairs, accident and up to death. 

Shuddering or vibration when applying you brakes means most likely you have a warped brake rotor. Commonly, it is seen on worn out rotors. This occurs when your brake rotor can no longer dissipate heat as quickly as its needed to. The temperature eventually deforms the rotor that results in vibration when braking. A warped rotor is dangerous and can cause brake failure.

Soft Pedal
A soft brake pedal can occur for many reasons, but most commonly, it is due to a loss of brake fluid. It can be due to a simple leak, or a major problem with the brake caliper. Regardless, if you feel that your brakes aren't as hard as they use to be, check your vehicle into service immediately! Without brake fluid, you will not be able to stop your vehicle resulting in dangerous situations. 

Not Sure If Your Brakes Are Safe?
Just give us a call, we are happy to help. Or, feel free to stop on by to any Maus Nissan location. We are conveniently located throughout west Florida, in New Port Richey, Crystal River and now in North Tampa. 

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