Geared for the kind of off-road adventures truck enthusiasts dream about, the Nissan Frontier boasts a powerhouse 3.8-liter V-6 engine that provides all the necessary acceleration rate, torque and hauling capacity to tackle whatever job you give it. With 310-horsepower and a torque of 281 pound-feet, the engine is more than capable of performing both hauling and towing tasks that rank it among the top of its vehicle class.

New for the model year is a nine-speed transmission that offers drivers plenty of options for both power when towing a heavy load and gathering the acceleration needed to pass another vehicle at freeway speeds. The lower gears allow the engine to perform flawlessly when loaded with cargo, while the higher gears improve gas mileage efficiency. The chassis offers high clearance for traversing uneven terrain, and the articulation of the axels ensures a smooth ride even on unpaved surfaces.



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