The Nissan LEAF is a popular EV that's perfect for any eco-conscious driver who's looking to save both time and cash. Port Richey locals can enjoy less vehicle maintenance, a smooth and incredibly quiet ride, and a surprisingly feature-rich design. At Maus Nissan, helping consumers learn more about the awesome benefits that the LEAF provides is something we're very excited to do.

Hit The Road In A Zero-Emissions Vehicle And Enjoy The Perks

As an all-electric, zero-emissions vehicle, the Nissan LEAF qualifies many drivers for HOV lane access. In some areas, driving a LEAF can even get you priority parking. Best of all, you'll have the personal satisfaction of knowing that your car doesn't rely on fossil fuels, and that it produces absolutely no harmful emissions.

Stop Spending A Fortune On Automotive Maintenance

?The LEAF doesn't have an internal combustion engine. As such, not only are there no emissions to worry about, but changing out timing belts and worn hoses can be a thing of the past as well. This car doesn't need oil changes or fluid top-ups. It actually requires very little maintenance at all. Test drive the Nissan LEAF by visiting Maus Nissan now.


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