From its extraordinary good-looks to its 260-horsepower engine, the Nissan Murano has outstanding specs, especially when being compared to other crossover SUVs. This particular vehicle appeals to an array of demographics no matter the age. The Nissan Murano will come equipped with intelligent innovation as well as a high level of comfort. Auto enthusiasts can also select from several trim levels.

The crossover's interior is a work of art thanks to its blend of modern features. You'll be able to accommodate to your needs by reconfiguring the rear seats. In total, the interior will host an estimated 67.0 cubic-feet of cargo volume. Yourself and four other individuals can sit inside of its luxurious cabin via leather-appointed seats. The Nissan Murano's interior also has dark wooden accents. Other included features will represent

  • Bose Audio
  • Climate-Controlled Front Seats
  • USB Ports
  • Door-To-Door Navigation



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