Dog owners don't like to leave their four-legged friends alone. Sometimes, they must take their pets with them in their car or SUV. If you love your pet and wish to buy a new vehicle, you should purchase a model right for both of you. So, look for a few dog-friendly features.

Mat covers make sense to install. Dogs shed, and they can track leaves and debris inside. Mat covers provide some help here. The covers can go in the back where the dog would likely spend most of his/her time. As for the backseat, a wide berth would be beneficial. The same is true of backseat climate control.

A "pet gate" is an important feature for a cargo area. The gate serves the same purpose as one at your home: it reduces the chances of the dog running away.

See how pet-friendly a car is when you go for a test drive around New Port Richey. The sales team at Maus Nissan can help you pick the right car to test and own.


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